Frequently Asked Questions

Do the internships need to be paid?

Yes. All roles on this platform must be paid at least the National Living Wage (currently £8.72 per hour) – even if an individual applicant is willing to work for less. We encourage higher rates where possible.

What type of role can be posted here?

Any skilled role. The intention is to use the skills of university researchers and PhD students, which could be in a very wide range of disciplines. They could be technical positions, for example in software engineering, data science, AI, or electronics; or non-technical, such as in market research, user behaviour analysis, or design. However, it is not a platform to hire individuals to perform very basic tasks like data entry.

Will interns work remotely?

Yes. The purpose is to provide roles that can be performed entirely remotely during the COVID-19 lock-down. If a longer-term relationship develops with an intern then of course other arrangements could be agreed after the lock-down.

Can a role require applicants to live in a particular geographical area?

As the work is to be performed remotely, it is expected that most companies will want the best talent available within the UK, regardless of where an individual is based. However, if there is good reason to prefer candidates from a particular region then this preference must be stated in the description.

Why is there a fee to list a position?

Charging a fee gives candidates confidence that all the positions listed are genuine. The fees are donated in full to charities that help talented young people from disadvantaged backgrounds gain access to an education at the UK’s top universities.

Do you have a job contract template for the internships?

Yes. Please click this link to download a template for the job contract. There is no requirement to use this template – you can choose to use your own or modify this template as you wish.