Blackfinch Ventures founded the #ISOLATIONINTERN movement to help startups gain access to some of the UK’s most talented University students and researchers during COVID-19. Backed by top VC firms and leading universities, the movement will supercharge early stage companies and help keep the economy on track.

Startups are facing difficult times due to COVID-19 whilst many university students and researchers are at home, unable to work because their offices and labs are closed. #ISOLATIONINTERN connects these bright minds to startups through flexible remote internships so that expertise like data science, marketing, and development can be engaged on a part-time short-term basis.

All listing fees will be donated to charities such as The Access Project that helps talented young people from disadvantaged backgrounds gain access to the UK’s top universities.

#ISOLATIONINTERN is driven by some of the UK's top universities and investment industry firms, who have joined forces to help startups thrive: